Dr Alexandra Pellencia - Worst OBGYN Dr. ALEXANDRA PELLICENA

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I went there with and STD scare she was very inconsiderate and rude.I was trying to understand what I may have and getting information out of her was like pulling teeth.

I then went to the lab for testing, which I asked if they were covered on my insurance she said yes. Well apparently she ordered some HEP tests (which I was not concerned about nor did I ask for) which were not covered. I received a bill and promptly called my insurance they said if she changed the code from preventative maintenance they would cover it. Well after several unanswered calls and emails I finally spoke with the reception and she said they never got my emails (from which while we were on the phone I forwarded yet again).

She also said that its not covered and nothing they can do about it and they won't change the code. I didn't even ask for the test and it ended up costing me almost $300.

Stay away from this office, the doctor is rude the staff unresponsive and the equipment in the office is out of date and not up to par with the electronic day and age.They still write all info on a notebook.

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I agree that getting any information out of a consultation with Dr Pellicena is like pulling teeth.She is cold, impatient, hostile, and defensive.

She is robotic and likes to keep each visit as short possible.

I had no choice but to change doctors even though it late into my pregnancy.t

Houston, Texas, United States #596821

Dr.Pellicena is not a bad doctor she is caring deliver my kids.

I am very happy with her and the staff there growing and i have referred alot of friends and family who are as well happy with her.

She can be blunt some times but all doctor are.:zzz


You are absolutely right, I am getting ready to file a complaint with the Texas Dept.of Insurance and the Medical Board.

I was not happy with an inconclusive well woman exam I had done there.Her office staff was no help to me either.

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